New Stamped Concrete Patterns in Hanover!

It has been a beautiful spring thus far! We have been out in full force providing Hanover and the surrounding area the finest in stamped concrete. Between new installations and fixing other contractors’ inferior work we have had a few minutes for shopping! We have added several new patterns to our collection. Among these are:

  • A used running-bond brick pattern (a used/aged brick pattern has softer, more worn edges),
  • A cobblestone pattern,
  • A fanned slate pattern,
  • An ashlar blue-stone pattern,
  • A flagstone pattern, and
  • Several new border patterns

Because of the growing popularity of stamped concrete and decorative concrete, we are expanding our collection of patterns. We still have our very popular Pennsylvania Stone and Ashlar Cut Slate patterns. A few important things to consider when selecting a stamped concrete or hardscape contractor:

  • Bigger does not mean better! We are a small contractor. Although this sometimes leaves us pulling out our hair at the end of a 16 hour day, it ensures that we control the quality of our jobs. Our foreman have been doing concrete for many years, have a thorough understanding of what they are doing, and ensure each job is done right.
  • Time tested. We have been around for years. Our father (now one of our foremen) started working in concrete over 40 years ago working for Sterner Cement of Hanover. His roots in a customer-driven, quality-focused small business are the foundation of Carbaugh Concrete, Inc. Jason and Jonathan both worked in concrete since they were in high school, working over the summers. We are not an operation that will be here today and gone tomorrow.
  • Money matters. We may not always be the cheapest. Our quality speaks for itself. We fix other contractors’ mistakes on a regular basis and know how much money people may have saved by going with the cheapest contractor without regard to the quality of their work only to spend much more to achieve the desired result. Our contracts rarely stray from the price we quote. When we give an estimate we like to ensure that all aspects are covered so there are not any surprises at the end of a job.
    • A special note in discussing money and payment: In accordance with Pennsylvania law, no contractor is legally allowed to accept more than 1/3 of a contract as down-payment for a residential project (with an exception for custom-made products). If a contractor is asking for more than this, contact the Office of Attorney General immediately.
  • Can you start tomorrow? Not likely. If a contractor has a good reputation and manages to keep their customers happy, then they probably stay relatively busy. We generally maintain at least a one month lead-time. We have a built a good reputation for ourselves and our most effective means of advertising is our customers’ word-of-mouth. We provide quality services at reasonable prices and that keeps us busy. If a contractor can start tomorrow, that may be cause for concern.
  • Discount scams. There have been numerous coupons and deals floating about Hanover and the surrounding area offering steep discounts on concrete and hardscapes. If a coupon or ad references a discount for a custom product and you must present or mention the coupon at the time of estimating, the contractor is likely marking the project up an additional amount to deduct the coupon. We offer fair prices to each of our customers on each and every estimate. If a contractor is truly offering a discount, they will offer to accept the coupon with payment and not before the job is estimated.
  • Unreasonable guarantees. Concrete cracks. If someone tells you otherwise, run. Run quickly. We will be the first person to tell you that concrete will crack. There are steps that should be taken to reduce uncontrolled cracking (reinforcement such as welded wire mesh, fiber mesh, and rebar, as well as control and contraction joints). Many people working in the hardscape business will point this out as a negative factor without disclosing the negative side of the product they are trying to sell you. We are always up-front and honest in this regard. Concrete will crack. There are things that should be done to prevent cracking just as there are things that should be done to prevent pavers from lifting. We will be happy to discuss your concerns with you regarding either of these options since we are capable of installing both pavers and concrete.

If you are looking to create your beautiful new concrete feature from stamped concrete to pavers, contact us for a free estimate today!

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