Why wait?

As of the moment we are writing this post, our schedule is filled for several months and any work we currently take on will be for the fall.  When we get to this point (as we regularly do each year), we let prospective customers know in advance what our schedule is like.  We realize that when most people call, they are calling because they want something done right away.

For those of our prospective customers are willing to wait, as well as those who aren’t sure if you would be willing to wait, this article is for you.

The number one reason we can give people to wait for us to do their project is that we offer “Superior Quality from Start to Finish!”  That motto has been with us for many years, and we will continue to strive for the highest levels of quality, customer service, and customer satisfaction.  We’d rather do your project right the first time than hear your regrets after having someone else do your project.

Take a moment to look at the images below.  This is a project that we recolored and sealed for a customer who didn’t wait for us and instead went with another contractor for his project.  Although there were many issues with the project, the only one that was easily remedied was the color.  The poor stamping technique left for little stamp impression in several areas, an unfortunate step face, areas of bulging concrete, and areas that had cracks the day the project was stamped.

We can’t guarantee that we will have the lowest prices or that we will be able to start your project tomorrow, but we will give you our quality craftsmanship and the superior quality our neighbors have come to expect.  Remember the adage that says “good things come to those who wait”.

We are still booking projects for the fall, so contact us if you are looking to have a project done, and be sure you don’t wait too long and miss getting on our schedule for this year.

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